Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Requirements

To create an exceptional award, we ask you to send us the best quality image files you have. This means that all images or logos should be sent in a clean black & white vector format. Our preferred format is always an .eps or .ai file.

We offer the option of converting raster images to vector artwork, when providing the vector format is not a possibility. A charge of $25 would be applied to your total invoice for the conversion.

Preferred: a vector format saved from either Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

  • Acceptable file formats include .cdr, .ai, or .eps
  • Please convert all fonts to curves or outlines (or supply all necessary fonts).
  • There should be no linked or embedded objects in your file.
  • For engraving and 1 color imprint methods: all graphics should be in black and white.

Accepted: non-vector format files such as .jpg or .png

  • A one time logo conversion fee of $25 will be applied to your order.
  • Up to 48hrs of additional art proofing time.
  • For engraving and many imprint methods: Gradients, Shading, and Shadows will be removed and be rendered in in black and white.



Vector Artwork: Is two dimensional artwork that is made up of mathematical lines and curves. Vector files are resolution independent and can be enlarged infinitely without losing image quality. Typical File Types: .ai .eps .ps .indd .pdf .cdr
Important Note: The vector file types shown above can contain raster art. If you are unsure about your files have one of our art coordinators verify your artwork.

Raster Artwork: Is any artwork that is composed digitally of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels to make up an image. Raster files are resolution dependent and cannot be enlarged without losing image quality. Typical File Types: .psd .tif .jpg .gif .bmp Important Note: The file types above are always raster images and are never usable for our production process.



Please be sure that your instructions clearly indicate how you wish your personalization to appear. We will replicate the exact letters and spaces that you submit.

  • Send your text and personalization as an attachment on a word document, or if you have a list of names, please include them on a spreadsheet on an excel document.
  • All personalization should be sent as text, never outlines or a picture of them so that we can copy and paste with ease, minimizing the risk of misspellings.
  • We will re-typeset all text that is sent as outlines, for you to proof read and approve.


  • Size:The size varies depending on the choice of font. Please contact our customer service team for specific fonts and sizes.
  • Style:Bold, open, sans serif fonts work best for sandblasting
  • Avoid:Many script fonts are not etchable, even at larger sizes
  • Branded Fonts:If we don't have the font requested on file, we will substitute our closest or send us your font as an attachment on an email. We will determine if it can be used.